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AP08856031 "Assessing the Scientific Potential of Kazakhstan: A Scientometric Framework for a More Informed Management of National Science"

Image by Kira auf der Heide

The aim of the project is to develop a scientometric framework for assessing the scientific sector in Kazakhstan. It will be used to analyze and forecast the scientific literature of Kazakhstani authors, which will ensure environmental protection in the near future.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcome 1:

The state of development of science in Kazakhstan in terms of its literary potential. The results and conclusions of peer analysis, word analysis, citation analysis and cluster analysis applied in science mapping and scientometric studies will be included.

Expected Outcome 2:

Features, problems and opportunities for research in Kazakhstan will include results and findings from open interviews with 5-10 government officials (who represent the national science system) and structured questionnaires from 80-100 scientists (who are drivers of research capacity) in the country.

Expected Outcome 3:

Maturity of scientific literature in Kazakhstan. The results and conclusions of the application of Lotka's law to a large body of approximately 1000-2000 collected articles published by Kazakhstani researchers in English will be included. It is expected to quantify the current level of growth in local science, the aging of research, and the growth forecast for science.

Expected Outcome 4:

A scientometric framework model developed will consist of a model that will be a comprehensive framework embedded in MS Excel spreadsheets. This model can be supplemented with new scientometric data from Kazakhstani scientific literature, regularly published in English.

Expected Outcome 5:

Project website. The website will be used to disseminate the results of the project to the research community and the general public. In general, this will ensure the sustainability of the project, promoting understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the internationalization of Kazakhstani science and its more informed management in the near future.

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