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AP14870295 "A Reference Methodology for Evaluation of Risks and Critical Success Factors in Public-Private Partnership Projects for Kazakhstan"

Image by Kira auf der Heide

The aim of the project is to develop a reference methodology for the evaluation of risks and critical success factors in Public-Private Partnership Projects in Kazakhstan.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcome 1:

Classification of the Literature (Models, Forms, Risks, CSF, etc.) on PPP Globally and in Kazakhstan.

Expected Outcome 2:

Identifying Risks and CSF specific to the PPP Market in Kazakhstan based on the conducted survey.

Expected Outcome 3:

The System Dynamics Model that accounts for the Risk Impact and CSF Role on SPV Effectiveness based on the Case Study.

Expected Outcome 4:

The Statistical Regression Model that accounts for the risk impact on main indicators of the PPP Project Effectiveness based on the empirical data.

Expected Outcome 5:

The Project’s Web-Site.

Expected Outcome 6:

The Reference Methodology which includes the Risk Matrix, CSF Matrix, System Dynamics Model and Statistical Model for evaluation of the PPP Project Success.

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