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"Assessing The Scientific Potential of Kazakhstan: A Scientometric Framework for a more Informed Management of National Science"

About The Research

In the last decade, the evaluation of scientific productivity and quality of research using various performance indicators and targets has become commonplace. Among other quantitative approaches, scientometrics and science mapping have shown their superiority. The idea of ​​the project is justified by the fact that the application of the proposed scientometric framework model can help to identify the relationship between the productivity of national science and its funding by the state. It is considered important to understand this relationship for more informed national science policy and monitoring in the country. In particular, in light of the implementation of the State Program for the Development of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025, in accordance with which the government plans to increase the share of research funding in its gross domestic product from 0.12% in 2018 to 1.00% by 2025.

Achieved Outcomes

Achieved Result 1:

Achieved Result 2:

Achieved Result 3:

The state of development of science in Kazakhstan in terms of its literary potential is revealed. The results and conclusions of peer analysis, word analysis, citation analysis, and cluster analysis applied in science mapping and scientometric studies were included.

Interviews and a questionnaire were conducted to identify features, problems and opportunities. Based on the results of the interview and questionnaire, specific characteristics, problems and opportunities of science in Kazakhstan were identified, such as research productivity (number of publications, citations, journal quality indicators and patent activity), research collaboration, publication in English, choice of journals, citation, peer review and support in the form of government research funding and other forms of funding.

The maturity of scientific literature in Kazakhstan was revealed. A quantitative assessment of the current level of growth of local science, the aging of research and the forecast of the growth of science has been determined. To ensure consistency and adherence to international standards, the assessment was carried out in the Scopus database.

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